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Have you been avoiding the dentist because you need work done?

Maybe you can’t stand the sights, sounds or smells of a dental practice?

You know that dental health is important for your overall health, but you just can’t bring yourself to go?

It’s time to calm those nerves and get your dental needs taken care of!


With sleep dentistry at Smile Ville!

Safe and gentle, sleep dentistry lets you get your dental work done while you sleep. Get relief from your anxiety and snooze through your dental treatment. You’ll wake up from your light sleep without remembering anything about the procedure.

What is sleep dentistry and what does it involve?

Sleep dentistry at Smile Ville consists of our medical specialist anaesthetist and medical nurse administering an intravenous sedation treatment. They monitor you at all times, making sure you’re okay and that you won’t wake up until your dental work is complete.

Once you’re safely under sedation, our expert dentist and dental nurses will carry out your treatment with care. During your dental procedure, you’ll be in a relaxed, dream-like state, unaware of what is going on around you.

After your treatment is complete, you’ll wake up with no memory of it. This makes sleep dentistry a great option for anyone who suffers from anxiety, nervousness or fear when at the dentist. Get the treatment you need without being awake!

It is important to note that this is NOT general anaesthesia.

Sleep dentistry is also known as twilight sedation, twilight dentistry, sedation dentistry or conscious sedation.

What are the benefits of sleep dentistry?

Smile Ville offers sleep dentistry because of its great range of benefits, including:

Suitable for adults

We give our young and old patients the option of choosing sleep dentistry for their dental procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal, crowns, implant placements, fillings and multiple extractions.

This is a great option for children needing extensive work, to minimise trauma. However, please note that we do not conduct sedation dentistry on children at Smile Ville. Instead, we refer your child to a trusted specialist in the local area.

Not having to be awake for dental treatment

You won’t remember a thing, because you’ll be in what is described as a ‘light sleep’ throughout the procedure. Not being able to hear, see or smell helps reduce anxiety and fear.

It’s comfortable

Complicated procedures can take a long time and have the possibility of discomfort. You’ll be completely comfortable because you’ll be asleep.

It’s safe

Your treatment is managed by our team of professionals, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. You’re monitored at all times to give you the best care possible by the specialist anaesthetist and medical nurse.

It makes the most of your appointment

Depending on the level of dental work required, we can often perform all (or most) of your dental treatments in one longer appointment. Not having to have multiple sessions saves you money and eases your nerves. One recovery period is often easier than multiple.

Can anyone have sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is safe to use with most people, from childhood to adulthood.

When you have your consultation at Smile Ville, you must also consult with our anaesthetist to determine your medical fitness and suitability for sedation.

Please note that we do not work on children under sedation at Smile Ville. We refer kids needing sedation to our local Paedodontist dentist, who is very experienced in children’s dentistry.

How much does sleep dentistry cost?

Smile Ville can provide estimates at the time of your consultation for sleep dentistry. Once the full comprehensive exam is completed, your dentist will give you your treatment plan options and discuss the duration, extent, etc. of the dental procedure. From there we can estimate your quote.

Can I get a rebate from Medicare?

Medicare will give you something back for the anaesthesia fees. Once your surgery date and time has been booked via Smile Ville, the anaesthetist’s office will give you information about the Medicare rebate you should receive.

We can bill Medicare for eligible children, however we do not perform sedation dentistry on children here at Smile Ville, as previously mentioned. We refer you to our trusted local Paedodontist dentist, so you should speak to their office to find out about any Medicare rebates your child may be eligible for when using their services.

Will I get anything back from my private health insurance?

If you have an extras policy that includes dental, then that may cover part of your dental treatment. Keep in mind that private health funds will not pay for anaesthetist work.

At the time of payment, we can send the claim for some of the dentistry items to your private health insurer through HICAPS.

Can I have all my dental work done under sedation?

Yes, you can.

At Smile Ville we understand that for some people, even a small filling or dental clean can be terrifying. This is why we offer sedation dentistry for all dental work.

Is twilight sedation done on the premises?

Yes, if you are an adult.

We perform sleep dentistry here in the Smile Ville dental practice. This means no hospital fees, and you get to be in a familiar, friendly environment.

Children are referred to our preferred local specialist for sedation dentistry, as we do not work on children under sedation at our office.

Can I drive myself afterwards and/or go back to work?

No, and it is not advised.

You will be unable to drive after your dental procedure when you undergo twilight dentistry. We advise that you arrange for someone to take you home afterwards, and look after you for a few hours if possible.

Ideally, you would have the day of your treatment off from work. Depending on the amount of dental work involved, you may need the next day or two off as well. We’ll give you our recommendation for time off after you’ve recovered from your conscious sedation.

We will also provide you with a medical certificate if needed.

Smile Ville makes dental work a comfortable experience with sleep dentistry

The team at Smile Ville understands that people have anxiety about visiting the dentist for a range of reasons.

Sleep dentistry is a safe and gentle option for you to receive the dental treatment you need.

There’s no need to be embarrassed; our professional and caring team will do everything we can to ease your anxiety.

Book in with Smile Ville today to see how sleep dentistry can help you handle your fears.

Get your dental treatment taken care of – you won’t even remember the procedure thanks to sleep dentistry.


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