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How Long Does Invisalign Last?

If you’ve been considering clear Invisalign aligners as a treatment option to straighten your teeth, you’ve probably already asked yourself one of the most common questions – How long does Invisalign last?

It’s a great question considering the time, commitment and money you will be investing in yourself. Nothing makes a greater first impression than a beautiful straight smile so it’s important to work with an experienced Invisalign dentist to diagnose and treat your unique case and ensure you achieve the best aesthetic results.

Invisalign is one of the most well-known brands and they have a history of proven results. Everyone’s oral profile is unique which is why Invisalign uses state of the art technology to design aligners custom made for you. Even before you start your treatment Invisalign will provide you with a computer-generated image to preview your future straight smile.

What Happens After Treatment?

The length of treatment will depend on the complexity of your case and how much alignment needs to take place. The average is 12 months but can be as quick as six months for express cases and up to 24 months for more comprehensive or complicated alignments.
Most patients are attracted to Invisalign as a treatment option because they are almost invisible, non-invasive and a relatively comfortable way to straighten your teeth, but will the results last?

Once you complete your orthodontic Invisalign treatment it’s recommended to wear a retainer. There are two types of retainers -fixed or removable. Your Dentist will let you know which one is the most appropriate for your case.

Designed to Last

You have completed the Invisalign treatment and now have a stunning straight set of teeth. Not wearing the retainer to retain their position means there is a strong possibility that your beautiful, straight smile will not be there forever. For your Invisalign treatment to last, you need to be motivated to wear your retainer.

If retainers are not worn as directed by your dentist, your teeth could gradually relapse post treatment. This can happen because there is spare space for your teeth to move, natural shifts of your teeth occur or simply age-related changes to your teeth. Bottom line is before committing to the Invisalign treatment you must also be committed to wearing your retainer.

While everyone is different, wearing the retainer certainly helps to prevent the teeth from gradually shifting back into their original position and ensures your results will last well beyond the treatment phase.

Apart from the cosmetics of straight teeth, there are many post-treatment benefits to Invisalign. Confidence is a biggie, no one can deny the satisfying feeling of running your tongue across a perfectly straight set of teeth you can’t help but smile. Having straight teeth improves overall oral hygiene habits which means you can floss and brush more easily, giving you a healthy gum and less risk of having tooth decay. You may be surprised to know that your teeth contribute to your overall well-being which is why Invisalign is gaining popularity as not only a cosmetic treatment but as a great dental health benefit along with regular visits to the dentist.

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