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When Should You Consider Dental Implants?

When Should You Consider Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

When you are missing some teeth, dental implants are one of the common solutions to restore your smile. These are artificial teeth anchored into the jawbone to provide a natural feel and look. This is also a highly recommended procedure for teeth replacement.

Dental implants can be considered the most innovative way to restore the functionality of your teeth and your beautiful smile. The best thing about dental implants is they can last for many years.

When Should You Consider Dental Implants?

1.    Tooth is Severely Damaged

Two of the most common reasons why patients incur severely damaged teeth are poor oral hygiene and lower face injuries. When a person’s teeth get seriously damaged by a motor accident or as a result of a very bad jaw injury, having dental implants can help restore the damaged or cracked teeth.

When you take your oral hygiene for granted, it will surely result in damaged teeth. In this case, your dental care providers in South Morang advise considering dental implants. Not only can these replace your severely damaged teeth, they also provide a better lower facial contour.

2.    You Want to Replace Your Dentures

Traditionally, dentists recommend dentures to restore oral functionality, especially if the entire lower or upper row of teeth is missing. The thing is, dentures can be uncomfortable at times. Worst, bacteria thrive underneath them, and when neglected, they can cause gum diseases.

The best alternative to dentures is dental implants. It eliminates the discomfort of having loose dentures since dental implants are latched securely into the jawbone just like a normal tooth root does. The best part is that it lowers the risk of bacterial accumulation.

Replace Your Dentures

3.    A Missing Tooth is Bothering You

Losing a tooth or two can be bothersome. In some cases, a missing tooth can affect how you speak and eat. It can also affect confidence and self-esteem, making you self-conscious and afraid to smile.

While there are many reasons for losing your teeth, there is also more than one way to restore them. Whether you lost your tooth due to sickness, injury or poor oral hygiene, it can be solved with dental implants.

So, if your missing tooth is bothering you, it may be the best time to visit your dentist and learn how dental implants can help and benefit you.

4.    To Restore Dental Aesthetics

Another unwanted effect of missing teeth is it can affect the shape of your face and beautiful smile. It also impacts the overall dental aesthetics of a person.

Dental implants play an important role in restoring the structure and balance of your lower face. Whether you are missing a tooth or a few of them, dental implants will surely bring back the smile, confidence and dental aesthetics you once lost.

Restore Dental Aesthetics

5.    Maintaining a Healthy Jawbone is a Must

One of the many reasons for receding jaws is missing teeth. When this is disregarded, not only will you lose the structure of your jawline but also the contour of your lower face. In some cases, your jaws also tend to weaken, hence, affecting the condition of your gums and teeth.

Dentists highly recommend getting dental implants to maintain the health of your jawbone. It is also important to consider this type of teeth restoration immediately following a tooth loss. By doing so, you can preserve the structure of your jawbone and ensure the overall health of your mouth.

6.    Prevent Your Teeth from Shifting

After losing one or a few of your teeth, you will notice how the remaining teeth gradually shift. In most instances, teeth gaps affect the aesthetics and alignment of your teeth. And the problem does not stop there, as your teeth shift, they will be harder to clean, and they become more at risk of bacterial accumulation.

Before this happens, it may be best to visit your trusted dentists for a dental implant. It helps prevent your teeth from shifting while preserving the condition of your jawbones. The best thing about it is getting new teeth like you never lost them.

Prevent Your Teeth from Shifting

7.    You Want a Solution that Lasts

Just like any other dental appliance, dentures are prone to the wear and tear of time. It needs realignment every two years and replacement between 5 to 7 years. This is where dental implants are more advantageous because they can last longer than 10 years or even a lifetime.

If after a comprehensive oral exam, X-rays, cone beam  CT scan and medical and dental histories checked, you are a good candidate for implant. The dentist will emphasise that proper oral care and hygiene of your dental implants and remaining teeth can surely make the implants last longer than you imagine. They are designed to withstand the test of time, unlike dentures, partials and other removable oral appliances.

Whether your missing tooth is getting bothersome or you feel like your jawbones are deteriorating, this is the right time to contact your favourite Smile Ville dentists for a dental implant consultation.

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