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5 Best Foods for Your Healthy Teeth

Foods that are Good for the Teeth

Many people call themselves “foodies” mainly because they love exploring and eating various foods. Surely, you love food, too. Well, who doesn’t?

The thing about food is, that what you eat contributes to your oral and overall health. So, if you are a sweet tooth, it is more likely that your teeth are prone to cavities. It’s no secret that sugar can cause harmful bacteria to weaken dental health.

Sometimes, even when you maintain good oral hygiene regimens, you still experience tooth decay, toothache, and gum issues. One of the reasons is sugar consumption.  It is highly recommended to include protein and calcium-rich foods to ensure the health of your teeth.

So, here are some foods should you have in your daily oral health routine.

5 Foods that are Good for the Teeth

1.    Apples

Just like what they say, “an apple a day keeps the doc away.” While it helps keep the doctor away, it also makes your dentist happy. Not only are apples rich in water and fibre, but the chewing action when eating also increases saliva production. This helps wash away bad bacteria and food debris from your teeth.

Another good thing about apples is that the fibrous texture simulates brushing activity inside your mouth. So, it can help tide up your pearly whites until you get the chance to brush them. And eating apples also help stimulate gum health.

Here’s a tip: Eat an apple as a snack instead of a chocolate or cereal bar.

2.    Cheese and Other Dairy Products

Calcium is a food component that helps strengthen the teeth and boosts the protective shield called enamel. Cheese and other dairy products like milk and yoghurt are known to have high calcium content.

Cheese is also rich in phosphate that helps rebuild tooth enamel and lost minerals. And it also balances the pH level in your mouth to prevent cavity development.

Here’s a tip: Have small slices of cheese as a light snack instead of chocolates. It’s a good snack alternative minus the unwanted sugars or

Cheese - Good Food for the Teeth

3.    Leafy Greens

Next on the list is leafy greens such as celery, spinach and kale. This food group is known to have high levels of vitamin C, calcium and fibre. They are not just health boosters for the body but also promote and maintain good health for the teeth and gums.

Like apples and cheese, munching leafy greens induces the salivary glands to increase saliva production, which cleanses your mouth from harmful bacteria. They also help neutralize acids that otherwise weaken the teeth’s enamel.

Here’s a tip: Make a good bowl of green salad for your lunch today. The greener, the better!

4.    Almonds and Other Nuts

Nutrient-rich nuts like almonds are a good source of protein and calcium. They are good alternatives to chips as they are delicious and low in sugar and carbohydrates. Similarly, they are saliva-producing foods that lower the acidity level in the mouth while preventing bacterial development.

Here’s a tip: Take a handful of nuts, and munch on them while reading your favourite book by your patio. They’re not just teeth protectors, they’re brain stimulants, too. Be aware if you have veneers or if your teeth are heavily restored, as nuts can cause fillings to crack

Almonds - Good Food for the Teeth

5.    Onions

Lastly, make sure to include onions in your meals. It is categorised as “good teeth food” that helps eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth. Onions are known for their antibacterial properties that prevent cavities and gum diseases. Surely, they leave a nasty breath stench, but they are truly amazing in maintaining oral health.

Here’s a tip: Chop a small onion and add it to your bowl of green salad. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after the meal for an onion-free breath.

Bonus Tip:

Always drink water every time you eat. This helps wash away food particles that cause bacterial accumulation, which results in cavity development.

Remember to observe good eating habits, avoid snacking, and never forget to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day. If flossing is difficult, try using interdental brushes. And, of course, visit your trusted dentist in South Morang every 6 months.

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